What are the basics of woodworking?

This answer is generally from a hand tool perspective, but much of it also applies to power tools.

These are some of what I consider to be the basics of woodworking:

Woodworking Made Easy ←

  1. Understand wood, its structure, and its limitations. This will help you select quality boards, process them, as well as correct many of the defects that a particular piece of wood may have. Keep in mind that wood — unlike plastics and metals — changes dimensions with changes in humidity, not changes in heat; it is a factor that affects…

if we search on google many youtube downloaders are there. But Y2ublazzere.live is unique and sleek. Three easy steps and done.

Step 1

Copy the URL and paste it on the top input field

Step 2

Click on the start Button will see options Youtube to mp4, Youtube to mp3

Simple monitoring script for geth

I have a small individual start-up where I run geth 24 by 7.

but unfortunately, it stops now and then. Recently I had a bad block issue

that stalls the block syncing I tried to understand the issue i searched many use cases on the forum but no proper response.

Later I have removed chain data altogether upgraded my geth and restarted syncing it was counterproductive it took almost 30 hours to get full sync.

I realized that I should have a monitoring tool that will help me to check the geth is running or…


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